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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Collaborative Power Point Rubric (NETS I & III)

In the collaborative Power Point Rubric we as a class came up for a rubric for our PowerPoint presentation. Using lets you create your own rubric as well as make one together as a class. It gives complete directions on how to make a rubric as well as the rubric itself tells students exactly what the teacher is looking for in the project they are assigning the rubric to. It is a fun and creative way to produce rubrics for your classroom.

Excel Crossword (NETS I & III)

In this assignment we made an Excel crossword puzzle. We made a crossword puzzle about ourselves. We made questions and then we entered them into the Excel Spreadsheet. We also learned how to make it show if you entered in the wrong letter or the right letter. You were able to enter in information and questions about your life and have others play the crossword puzzle. We could also make it colorful and fun for everyone.

Ed Tech Profile (NETS V)

In Ed Tech Profile we took a test on how much we know about technology and computers. We took multiple tests on different questions about how comfortable and how much we know about technology. At the end of the test they showed us different graphs about how we did. It also explained our assessment level. It was a good way to find out how much we knew about technology and also get a feel for how much more we could learn.

Wikki Page (NETS I, III, & V)

In Wiki Page we chose a tool, mine was Quizzes and polls, and wrote about a specific tool we picked. I picked Quibblo. It was a website that allows you to make quizzes as well as take quizzes. It was neat i got to make a Quiz about anything i wanted. I put in the questions and made the answers. I then posted it so others could take it. It is a great way to make quizzes for your students as well as have your students make quizzes for their classmates.

JCCS Internet Safety (NETS IV)

JCCS Internet Safetyeduc422ha                                                            

In this assignment we had to research about Internet Safety. We did this colloboratively using GoogleDocs to discuss copywriting. We were to read about different topics about the Internet and being safe. We then had to answer questions about the reading you did. We learned a lot about proper Internet use as well as knowing how to keep others safe and to be aware of what is out on the Internet.

Inspiration (NETS II & III)

We used Inspiration in order to show what each NET is about and what artifacts we have made in order to cover that specific NET. It shows the NETS for teachers and there are 5 NETS each with two artifacts that correspond to that NET. It meets the needs of the standards for teachers.

IMovie (I, III, IV, & V)

In Imovie we made a PSA announcement about HATE. We recently had problems with hate crimes at CSUSM. We decided to make a PSA about how hate is not ok and how it affects all of us. We used Imovie and imported video clips and pictures. We then added audio, different affects from one clip to another, and even added text. We also learned how to edit each clip.We learned how to make a mini movie or commercial about an important topic.